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Albuquerque Sprayed Zolatone

New Mexico ZolatoneZolatone finish is a sprayed paint application that creates a layered and dimensional look. Zolatone paint come in a variety of colors, from subtle tones to vibrant multi-colors as well as several “finishes” such as metallic, pearl tones, and options that create more dimension to standard colors giving the surface a look of granite, marble or other fine stonework.

Durable, Cleanable and Sustainable

Durable and Cleanable ZolatoneBecause Zolatone is extremely durable, cleanable and sustainable, it is an ideal option for high traffic areas such as Doctor offices, Dentist offices, Schools or any other buildings that are prone to a lot of activity. Zolatone is also great at hiding imperfections. Zolatone paint can be applied to a wide array of interior surfaces such as walls, columns, ceilings and other architectural components. In addition, most Zolatone paints are low VOC and LEED complaint.

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