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Densifiers and Guards

Concrete Densifiers and Guards

Concrete Densifiers and GuardsSodium silicates, potassium silicates and lithium silicates all work and perform excellent with the concrete grinding and polishing process. Each type of hardener and densifier serves a purpose in each application. Guards are a final topical that can be installed on top of polished concrete. The guard acts like a polyurethane that protects the concrete from staining and chemical attack in most situations. Guards can be burnished to achieve a high gloss finish.

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Ashford Formula

Ashford FormulaThe Ashford Formula is the leading product used in concrete deification since 1949. It is a sodium silicate based, transparent, chemically reactive, water-based sealer that penetrates concrete and masonry protecting, preserving and strengthening them.


Retro-PlateRetro-plate is a sodium silicate reactive concrete stabilizer which enhances concrete density and hardness, allowing the concrete to be finished to a high cosmetic marble like sheen. In addition to bare concrete, Retro-plat 99 works successfully with integral color, acid stain, dyes, dry shake hardener and cementatious terrazzo.

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