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Technical Devices

Technical Monitoring Devices

Gallery Painting knows the importance in understanding the different technical processes when applying coatings and installing floor systems. Often times we utilize Technical monitoring devices to assist in ensuring the long term success of our finished product.

Elcometer 106/6 Adhesion Tester

ElcometerAdhesion of any floor coating is critical to the long term success of the finished product. We use the ELCOMETER Adhesion tester to test Bond Strength of coatings to various substrates. A 2" diameter - “Dolly”, or “Puck” is glued to the substrate with fast setting epoxy adhesive and allowed to dry. The Tester Claw is engaged onto the dolly and the legs balanced directly above. Then force is applied to the center shaft, putting up-ward pressure on the test Dolly. The resulting stress is recorded by means of a dragging indicator on an engraved scale on the side of the meter. In most cases a bond strength of at least 200 psi is required to confirm good adhesion of the coating to the substrate.

B8572 MEGOHM Meter

MegohmOne of the most important steps in the installation of ESD Flooring is the Testing of that floor after completion. We use the Botron B8572 MEGOHM METER which allows us to check Voltage and Continuity. Regardless of the equipment used, it is critical that the unit be calibrated and that the calibration is certified by a third party. It is also important that the operator of the equipment is properly trained. The operator needs to know what resistance he is testing to, for Building 872 we tested to ESD 7.1. Common mistakes can skew the test results. You should be no closer than 2" to the edge of the surface being tested. The electrode should be no closer than 3" from any ground able point. Temperature and Humidity are also factors. By performing proper testing with the proper equipment with a qualified operator, the owner can be assured that they have a static safe surface.

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