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Lift Pump Stations

Lift Pump Station Coatings

New Mexico Lift Pump StationsGallery Painting specializes in installing coatings in Lift Pump Stations. Lift Pump Station Coatings must protect substrates from chemical resistant, submersion resistant, petroleum resistant, erosion resistant and corrosion resistant. When lift pumps station coatings are exposed to the elements and chemicals and are not protected by a coating, this will cause the concrete, ferrous and non-ferrous metal substrates to deteriorate and the substrate will need to be restored. When the specified coating is in need of restoration, a job walk and solution how to fix the coating with limited down time will be addressed. When Lift Pump Station Coatings are installed they can range from 30%, 40%, 50%, 70%, 80% and 100% solids coatings, and cementitious.

Seamless Lift Pump Station Coatings

Seamless Lift Pump Station CoatingsGallery Painting's lift station coatings are seamless coatings, ranging from coal tar epoxy, polyamine epoxy, elastomeric, epoxy modified cementitious mortar, cementitious coatings and vinyl ester. Lift Pump Station Coatings are typically used in pump rooms and pump stations. Our forlift pump station coatings are evaluated and selected for the appropriate coating based on the facilities exposure to chemicals and elements. Our staff and manufactures have the skill needed to choose the coating application that fits the need of the facility. Our Lift Pump Station Coatings are suitable for any application to conform to various standards including NSF, USDA, FDA AND OSHA.

Lift Pump Station Coatings Provide Protection From

  • Erosion
  • Contamination
  • Chemical Deterioration
  • Submersion
  • Natural & Corrosive Elements
  • Gas
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