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Floor Coating Maintenance

Albuquerque Floor Coating Restoration

New Mexico Concrete Floor MaintenanceIf containiments and hard abbrasives are present, they should be removed by mopping or washing with detergents and degreasers and rinsed completely. Always be sure not to use a detergent or degreaser with a high a concentration. Promptly remove grease, and other contaminants from the surface of the floor. Be sure to rinse off all chemical solutions that may attack the surface. Synthetic mops and micro fiber mops tend to work better on non-textured and textured surfaces than cotton mops. The water solution should be changed frequently as well. Smooth floors are easily cleaned this way. It may be necessary to give extra care to areas that are subject to heavy traffic, hard rubber wheels, and steel wheels that leave marks. In these situations you can use the methods used for textured floors for these more difficult to remove contaminations.

Non - Skid Coatings

Nonskid coatings may require the use of a stiff bristled brush or floor scrubber to reach to bottom of the anti-skid texture.

Severe problem areas can be treated as follows:

Floor Coating Maintenance for Albuquerque New Mexico

Floor Coatings RestorationAll coating will break down over time; each coating will require restoration, if a coating is taken care of, maintenance will only be a fraction of the cost when the time comes. Most epoxies will need to be abraded with sand paper and chemically wiped down for a new coat of epoxy to be applied. Polyurethanes will require the surface to be abraded and chemically wiped down prior to installation of a new coat of polyurethane. All recoats on coating will need to be prepped to accept the new coating being adhered.

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