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Albuquerque Commercial Staining

New Mexico Commercial StainingCommercial Wood Stain is a pigmented dye which is applied to the surface of the wood to achieve a desired color. Wood stains come in a vast array of shades and manufacturers and can be applied to many different types of wood; from hardwoods, softwoods to exotic woods.

Commercial Wood stain is a colorant that is dissolved in a solvent such as shellac, lacquer, varnish or polyurethane. Some stains may also be dissolved in water or alcohol. There are two types of stains: Oil Base wood stains and Water Base wood stains.

Commercial Oil Based Stains

Commercial Oil Based StainsCommercial Oil Based Stains rely mainly on pigments or dyes and include a binder in the mixture. The binder can be any clear wood finish that will cure and adhere to the surface of the wood. Commercial Stains use a "long-oil" that consists of high curing oil content for the binder, which dries slowly and helps ensure that there is plenty of open time to wipe on the stain before it begins to setup.

Commercial Water Based Stains

Commercial Water Based StainsCommercial Water Based Stains are also heavily pigmented stains. The binder is essentially thinned down water borne clear finish. Water Based Stains have no Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content and are environment friendly compared to oil-based stains. Water Based Stains are also easy to clean up with soap and water, but have a shorter drying time and can be difficult to apply evenly in an open environment.

Commercial Wood Sealers

Commercial Wood SealersCommercial Wood Sealers are finishes that are applied to wood surfaces to provide a protective coating as well as enhance the beauty of the wood. Wood Sealers can be applied to natural / raw wood to protect and maintain the integrity of the "natural" wood look as well as a top / finish coat to stained wood stain to prevent bleeding and achieve the desired sheen. Wood Sealers come in a vast array of sheens; from a flat to high gloss finishes. Wood Sealers provide a high level of chemical and abrasion resistance, protecting the wood fibers from water and cleaning chemicals. The primary job of wood sealer finishes is to protect your wood from water, dirt and grime as well as the wear and tear of everyday life.

Staining and Sealing Advantages

Commercial Staining and Sealing AdvantagesThere are many advantages to staining wood. To name a few: protection from aging, insect damage, and also prevention of mold. In addition, wood staining will enhance the brilliance and natural beauty of the wood.

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