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Concrete Honing

Mechanical Grinding - Concrete Honing

New Mexico Concrete HoningGallery Painting specializes in Concrete Honing. Honing concrete utilizes resin bonded diamonds that range from 100 grit to 400 grit. The purpose of the Concrete Honing process is to close the cream surface pores without exposing the underlying sand and aggregate or rock aggregate. Honing starts with 100 grit resin pads. When Concrete Honing, 2 to 4 passes should be made at a minimum, depending on the age and profile of the concrete. When no residual dust is apparent, the installer will pay close attention to the overlap of the passes of the grinding machine by 1/3. We takes special care to the concrete when it is honed wet or dry. All surface dust has to be vacuumed up from the surface before moving on to the next resin pad. When the surface is honed, the wet slurry will be cleaned up and disposed of offsite during each step. After the surface is honed to 100 grit, a hardener will be installed.

Concrete Hardeners

Concrete HardenersConcrete Hardeners are made in many forms such as sodium silicate, potassium, and lithium ion densifier. Sodium and potassium silicates have to saturate the surface to be mechanically scrubbed into the concrete floors. The concrete floors have to be mechanically cleaned not letting the surface dry during the process. Sodium and potassium densifiers need a cure time of 24 hours. Lithium densifiers are micro fibered into the concrete. When the surface is dry, the honing process may continue with 200 grit to 400 grit.

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