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Albuquerque Roofing / Waterproofing

Roof Evaluations & Inspections

New Mexico Roof RestorationBased on Life Cycle Cost Analysis, roof replacement is required several times throughout the life of a building. The objective of all facility managers is to maximize the service life of each new roof system.

According to the International Association of Facility Management, if managers commit their departments to performing annual roof PM rather than waiting for a leak to occur before responding, facility operations also will suffer fewer interruptions. “Managers who develop a detailed and well-organized plan will have a better idea about where problematic areas exist and will be able to work toward budget approval for repairs more effectively. To that end, Annual Roof Inspections are critical to Asset Management.”

In addition, new roofs under Manufacturer’s Warranty require Annual Roof Inspections to eliminate Warranty Exclusions.

Gallery Painting provides Roof Evaluations and Inspections by RCI qualified personal that can provide you with the information you need to protect your largest asset.

Roof Failure

Other than Acts of God, such as fire, windstorm and hailstorms, there are four and ONLY four causes of premature roof failure. Those four cases are:

Design - Materials - Workmanship - Owner's Failure to Maintain

Commercial Roof Restoration

Commercial WaterproofingBased on Life Cycle Cost Analysis, 15% of all NEW ROOFS fail prematurely. In addition, over 40% of all roof replacements could have been avoided had these roofs been maintained or restored prior to the point of permanent failure.

In addition to conventional Commercial Roofing, Gallery Painting Inc., offers complete roof restoration at a faction of the cost of roof replacement. Not only if this option economical, it can be maintained for the life of the structure.

Ask about our Roof Restoration option as well as roof maintenance and inspection services.

Early Detection


Professional inspection, early detection and comprehensive maintenance programs are the keys to roof system longevity.

Commercial Waterproofing

Offering a full range of waterproofing products & applications:

  • Below Grade / Foundation
  • Plaza Deck / Between Slab
  • Fountains / Retaining Ponds
  • Garden Roofs / Planter Boxes

We are Authorized Distributors for the following Manufacturers:

  • American Hydrotech
  • GACO Western
  • Henry & Company
  • W.R. Meadows

We are also Authorized Applicators for numerous Elastomeric, Epoxy, Urethane coating manufacturers. No matter what your waterproofing needs, we have the solution.

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