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MMA Flooring

Albuquerque MMA Flooring

Albuquerque MMA FlooringGallery Painting specializes in the installation of MMA Floor Coatings in the industrial and commercial field. Methyl Methacrylate Coatings are a heavy duty, seamless, flowable and troweled coating system. MMA flooring will cure in 1 hour compared to the 4 to 24 hours required for many other epoxy applied coating systems. MMA fast curing allows any project to be completed and returned to service the same day.

In return this system reduces down time and installation cost. MMA Floor Coatings are more flexible than most flooring systems. This enables the floor to resist thermal shock, and a wide variety of temperatures where other coatings systems fail. MMA Flooring is extremely durable and can resist a wide variety of chemicals including most acids and alkalis. MMA Floor Coatings are also very impact and abrasion resistant and can withstand heavy equipment traffic. MMA can be used in environments that are requiring coatings where the concrete has been damaged requiring a 1/8" to 1/2" resurfacer.

MMA Flooring - Rough To Smooth Textures

Textured MMA FlooringMMA Floor Coatings can be installed in a wide variety of textures from rough to smooth. MMA Floor Coatings are required when there is erosion, contamination, or chemical deterioration to the substrate. MMA Concrete can also be used to pitch floors in order for them to drain in multiple environments. Gallery Painting can evaluate and select the appropriate coatings based on the facilities chemical exposure. Our staff and manufactures have the training and skills needed to choose the coating application that will fit the needs of the facility. Our MMA Floar Coatings are suitable for most applications to conform to various standards including FDA, OSHA, and USDA. The MMA Floor Coatings are designed to ensure that the coating will last for a very long time so that it can eliminate the cost that would otherwise have gone into paying for repairs and replacement of your coating.

Methyl Methacrylate Acrylic Coatings Are

  • Stain Resistant & Durable
  • Decorative
  • Easy To Clean & Sanitize

MMA Floor Coatings Can Be Installed As

  • Mortar System
  • Quartz Flooring
  • Vinyl Chip Flooring

MMA Floor Coatings Can Be Installed At -20° F & Typically Installed In

  • Freezers & Coolers
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Laboratories
  • Wineries
  • Breweries
  • Chemical Processing Areas
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