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Chemical Reistant Flooring

Chemical Resistant Floor Coatings

New Mexico Chemical Resistant FlooringChemical Resistant Floor Coatings can be non-slip, abrasion and impact resistant. This will reduce floor damage and maintenance. Chemical Resistant Floor Coatings protect the substrate in which it has been applied to. When a floor is exposed to harsh elements and chemicals and has not been protected by a coating the concrete or substrate can erode and deteriorate and will need immediate restoration.

The coating can be installed with skid resistance to meet ADA compliance and meet your facility's safety requirements. Chemical Resistant Coatings are 100% solids epoxy, this type of of product can be applied during production so it doesn't require the facility to shut down. The low odor and non-toxic fumes will not contaminate inventory or create flammable risks.

Chemical Resistant Coating Evaluation

Chemical Resistant Coating ProtectionGallery Painting can evaluate and select the appropriate coating based on the facility's chemical exposure conditions and thermo-shock climates. The staff at Gallery Painting and our manufactures have the skills needed to choose the coating application that fits the needs of the facility. Gallery Painting's Chemical Resistant Coatings are suitable for any application and they can conform to various standards including FDA, OSHA, AND USDA. We make sure that the coating installed will last for a very long time so that it can eliminate the cost that would otherwise have gone into paying for repairs and replacement of your coatings.

Chemical Resistant Coatings Protect

  • Erosion
  • Contamination
  • Chemical Deterioration
  • Chemical Corrosion
  • Protect the substrate from Acids, Oils, Solvents & Cleaning Solutions

Chemical Resistant Coatings Can Be Installed In

  • Battery Rooms
  • CPI Rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Chemical Processing Areas
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