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Concrete Grinding

Floor Preparation - Concrete Grinding

New Mexico Concrete GrindingGallery Painting specializes in Concrete Grinding for flooring preparation to receive a resinous, cementitious, vinyl, ceramic, carpet or a multiple of different floor coverings. When concrete heaves or curls it can create a trip hazard. Trip hazards are a situation that needs to be ground down to match existing elevations. Concrete Grinding is performed with metal bonded diamonds ranging from 16 grit to 80 grit. These types of diamonds will leave a sufficient profile for the applied material to achieve a proper bond to the concrete substrate, depending on what type of resinous or flooring system is being applied.

Concrete Testing

Concrete TestingConcrete testing should be conducted by using a test hammer to determine the PSI of the concrete. By doing this you will know the type of bond required for the concrete you are about to grind, hone, or polish. Proper care must be taken to remove the fine dust left behind after the grinding has achieved its profile. Concrete Grinding can be performed either wet or dry. When grinding we will make several passes over the entire floor to achieve a uniform consistency of the surface to achieve the recommended profile.

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