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ESD Flooring

Albuquerque ESD Flooring

Albuquerque ESD FlooringESD (Electro Dissipative Coatings) Epoxy Coatings are seamless, electrostatic controlled and chemical resistant. This type of ESD Coating can carry a static charge to a ground or multiple grounds that are grounded in the floor, protecting employees from electrical shock and at the same time protecting electronic equipment. ESD Floor Coatings can be non-slip, abrasion and impact resistant which will reduce floor maintenance cost and the longevity of the coating. When a substrate is exposed to harsh chemicals and has not been protected by a coating, the concrete can deteriorate and will need to be restored. When restoring concrete prior to installing epoxy coatings the floor should be restored with a grout coat or a Epoxy Mortar Coating. These materials will fill in any cracks and voids in the substrate where the floor has signs of deterioration.

Skid Resistance Flooring Installation

Skid Resistant FlooringESD Flooring can be installed with a skid resistance to meet with the facility's safety team requirements. Gallery Painting offers installation with 100% solids epoxy. These products can be applied during normal business hours and do not require a plant shut down. The low order and non-toxic fumes will not contaminate odor sensitive inventory. Gallery Painting's resinous coatings are VOC compliant and meet EPA regulations.

Gallery Painting can evaluate and select the appropriate coatings based on the facility. Our ESD Epoxy Flooring is suitable for any application to conform to various standards including FDA, OSHA, and USDA. These Epoxy Coating are designed to ensure that the coating will last for a very long time so that it can eliminate the cost that would otherwise have gone into paying for repairs and replacement of your floors.

ESD Epoxy Coatings Will Provide Protection From

  • Static
  • Erosion
  • Contamination
  • Chemical Deterioration
  • Chemical Corrosion To The Substrate
  • Oils & Solvents
  • Cleaning Solutions That May Cause Your Substrate To Erode

ESD Coatings Are Typically Installed In

  • Electronic Rooms
  • Battery Rooms
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Laboratories
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