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Interior / Exterior Painting

Albuquerque Commercial Painting

New Mexico Commercial Interior / Exterior PaintingFrom start to finish you can count on Gallery Painting and our professional crews to make your painting experience, whether it be a re-paint or new paint project, "Simply The Best". Painting is not just about creating pleasing aesthetics, it's also about providing a protective finish which will prevent damage to the substrate it is applied to. Properly finishing or painting a surface can protect from mold growth, water penetration, eliminate smoke damage and may also prevent corrosion; in addition some finishes are fire retardant. When substrates are exposed to elements and have not been properly protected by the correct type of finish, the substrates can deteriorate and will need to be restored.

Environmentally Friendly Low VOC Paints

Environmentally Friendly Low VOC PaintsThere are hundreds of products designed specifically for applications to particular substrates. Options range from low VOC (volatile organic compounds) environmentally friendly paints to extremely durable epoxy paints and moisture cured urethane coatings. Our staff and manufactures have the skill needed to choose the proper finish and paint application to conform to various standards including FDA, OSHA, NSF & USDA.

Most finishes can be applied during normal business hours and may not require a plant shut down or interruption of business during construction. We will evaluate and select the appropriate finish based on the customer and facilities exposure to the elements and conditions.

Commercial Interior Painting

Commercial Interior PaintingAlthough interior paints are available for every possible surface, there is no such thing as an "all-surface" paint. The wrong paint can damage a surface and often not adhere well, so it's crucial to know in advance what goes where and when.

The perfect colors of paint for your building or office can accentuate and elevate the look of its rooms and features. We can suggest the way to turn a plain wall into a complement to the rest of the furnishings in the area.

Commercial Exterior Painting

Commercial Exterior PaintingExterior paints are manufactured to be installed to a wide variety of substrates such as wood, aluminum, concrete block and stucco. There are different types of exterior paints to paint your substrate. Exterior paints are available in water based or solvent based paints. These types come in different sheens: flat, semi-gloss, gloss and custom gloss and sheens. Exterior paints can be UV stable and are moisture resistant. Paints can be applied to houses, balconies, columns, stucco, facia and most prepped surfaces. Exterior paints are designed to perform under the most extreme and diverse weather conditions.

Commercial Painting Preparation

Commercial Painting PreparationThere are many steps that go into a proper interior painting project; but a superior paint job always starts with proper prep. There are many different forms of prep from various substrates basic prep of walls include light spackling and sanding wall for proper paint adhesion. Some prep might require more extensive work such as removing current surface coating or material. On surfaces requiring any sort of removal the prep work would include any type of resurfacing that may need to done, which can include re-taping, bedding and texturing.

On surfaces such as concrete (precast), prep is usually minimal. Light sanding and proper primer / conditioner coat is acceptable on surfaces such as cmu or porous concrete, water / sand blasting is preferred followed by proper primer / conditioner coat. Keep in mind there is a period of time that, the substrate will need to dry after water blasting has occurred if primer / conditioner or paint is put on surface before the substrate has had enough time to dry effloresce may occur on surfaces such as wood surface prep would be to sand wood down to desired level, condition wood if needed, apply fillers if needed and apply desired finished to wood. Preparation can range from substrate to substrate and also depend highly on the condition of the said substrate. Proper prep is important for any coating / paint or material adhesion. Proper prep can make or break a job. Gallery Painting takes pride in always following proper preparation steps. We will never take short cuts.

Commercial Caulking & Sealing

Commercial Caulking and SealingThe use of caulking and / or sealants is very important as well. Painters caulking comes in various material and colors. The most common form of painters caulking is paintable latex caulking. Painters caulking is typically used around door jambs and window frames to seal joints in wood. It can also be used to seal joints between different building materials such as wood and brick. Painters caulk is placed in areas of dry moisture to provide a weather tight seal. Caulking / sealers can be used for interior and exterior use.

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